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Oposição a Gene Sharp


Iran Election in Media #13 (só parcialmente em inglês)
Voice of America (VOA), 06.07.2009, 17min | Sobre a VOA
In 13th of series on post-election turmoil in Iran, VOA Persian TV’s Behnam Nateghi reports on non-violent resistance theoretician and scholar Gene Sharp, who is accused by the Islamic Republic of Iran of channeling CIA money to Iran protesters. In a documentary meant for release next season, Gene Sharp says he has never worked for the White House or the CIA, denying allegations of an amusing animation film produced by Iran TV.

The Albert Einstein Institution: non-violence according to the CIA
Voltaire Network, por Thierry Meyssan, 04.01.2005 | Sobre a Voltaire Network
Non violence as a political action technique can be used for anything. During the 1980s, NATO drew its attention on its possible use to organize the Resistance in Europe after the invasion of the Red Army. It’s been 15 years since CIA began using it to overthrow inflexible governments without provoking international outrage, and its ideological façade is philosopher Gene Sharp’s Albert Einstein Institution. Voltaire Network reveals its amazing activity, from Lithuania to Serbia, Venezuela and Ukraine.


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